3 Reasons to Use Mineral Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin

3 Reasons to Use Mineral Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin | Soleil Toujours

Long term exposure to the sun can cause skin blemishes including aging, wrinkling, and burns. To prevent these imperfections, you should use a high-quality sunscreen Here are three reasons to use a mineral sunscreen versus a chemical sunscreen.

1. Full Protection Against UVA and UVB Sunlight

Sunlight damages your skin both on the surface and in deeper layers. You can prevent the UVB damage on the surface with chemical sunscreens, but not the UVA damage beyond the surface. Mineral-based sunscreens block UVA and UVB sunlight to protect your skin at every level.

2. Starts to Work Right Away

The instructions for chemical sunscreens recommend that you wait for up to 30 minutes before going into the sun. With mineral sun protection, you can apply the product and be out in the sun right away. Mineral-based sunscreens can also be applied while you are in the sun rather than having to apply the products in the shade and allowing them to take effect.

3. Ideal for Sensitive Skin

The ingredients that are used in chemical sunscreens are known to irritate sensitive skin, and this type of skin is most prone to sun damage. Mineral-based sunscreens do not contain harsh ingredients that irritate sensitive skin.

Learn More About Mineral-based Sunscreen

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