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Valentine's Day Gift Guide | Soleil Toujours

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Gift Guide for all the loved ones in your life.

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Harmful Chemical List | Soleil Toujours

Harmful Chemical List

Do you know what the HEL List is? Keep reading to find out! The Haereticus Environmental Lab (HEL) runs the “Protect Land + Sea Certification” program in which companies can get their products certified as environmentally safe. They have a list of harmful chemicals that are natural pollutants in water systems and wildlife. Many of these chemicals are included in product formulations, intentionally, and may or may not be listed on the ingredients list. The chemicals on the HEL list are: UV - Chemicals Oxybenzone Octinoxate 4-methylbenzylidene-camphor Octocrylene Para-aminobenzoic acid Preservatives: Methylparaben Ethylparaben Propylparaben Butylparaben Benxylparaben Triclosan Soleil Toujours is...

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Are You Investing In 'Clean Beauty'? | Soleil Toujours

Are You Investing In 'Clean Beauty'?

Let's face it - we are living in an era full of breakthroughs. Thanks to technology and the constant access to information, consumers are discovering products that are best for their health. There is a growing number of consumers that are rejecting the harmful chemical-infused formulations for more naturally based, organic and antioxidant-packed alternatives. This movement not only results in a thriving marketplace - it also predicts the future of skincare as we know it. The Rise Of Organic Skincare In Numbers This trend was also converted to numbers. According to research by Grand View Research, the global organic market is...

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Tips for Optimal Winter Skin Care and Getting Enough Vitamin D | Soleil Toujours

Tips for Optimal Winter Skin Care and Getting Enough Vitamin D

It is natural to seek out a few moments in the sun as the days get shorter during the winter months.  No matter how tempting it is to layout in the yard to soak up some rays without sunscreen, the reported link between the detection of skin cancer and unchecked exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is too high to be ignored.  According to studies, extended exposure to UV radiation from the sun resulted in the diagnosis of more than 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers.  Skin cancers are fast becoming a leading cause of deaths in the United...

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